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Your Business

Not just a website.

Set Goals

Instead of building a website at random, let’s decide what you want to accomplish. More phone calls? More online sales? A bigger brand awareness?


Create just enough to meet your goals. Want calls? Put your digits everywhere. For online sales, streamline the decision and purchase process. We can do this.


You have to do more than just build it if you want people to come. Social media, search ads, local listings, reviews and search engine optimization are important for achieving your goals.

A feature overview

Let TEKRS Help.

It starts with a conversation, to set goals and expectations. Then a website, landing page or app to achieve your goals. Finally, a sustainable promotion plan.

Example pricing

Custom Solutions for Every Budget

Here are some examples of how much you’ll spend and what results you may expect. Note that these are examples, we’ll work out a budget specific for your needs.

New Business

Goal of twelve phone calls per month, one new customer per week, using mostly free marketing tools.

$750 initial setup,
$50-75 per month

Typical Client

Goal of one hundred leads per month, 2-3,000 page views per month, using social media and targeted search ads.

$2,000 initial setup, 
$200-500 per month

Competitive Market

Goal to outrank local competitors, maintain a strong presence in maps, and for customers to see reminder ads later.

$6,500 initial setup,
$1,000-2000 per month

“My website is designed to meet my needs. We talked through my business goals and budget and couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Don’t wait, let's build a stylish website today.