UX Exercise – removing the bias

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The questions the manager added to this document are good, but definitely fraught with bias. Here are ways that I might reword these questions to get better results.

I would start by making the question about the production report come later in the script. Since some users will experience an error, I don’t want that to be their first impression.

Poor question:

Second question – should we add the ability to schedule a report?

Problem with this question is that it’s leading, and customers will usually say “yes” if we ask them if they want more features.

Improved question:

How often do you run a production report?

[if “never” then ask] Is that because production reports aren’t useful, are they too difficult/time consuming to run, or is there another reason why you don’t run them?

Do you typically run it the same time each day/week/month?

When you run the report, do you usually select the same parameters or do you often have to customize the query?

On a scale of 1 to 5, where one is not useful at all, and five is very useful, how useful would it be to have the option to set-up a scheduled report?

Would you prefer this report to come by e-mail, or an in-app notification (explain notifications) or is there a better way to get a report?

Poor question:

First question – is the button on the bottom right corner the best place for the link to the production report? (note that this button currently gives an error on iPhones, this should be fixed in two weeks)

Improved question:

We’re thinking about adding the ability to link to production reports here in the app. If we did this, where would you expect to find it?

Poor question:

Third question – the developers feel like the green button for contacting us is too small, what do you think?

Improved question:

We’re working on making it easier for you to contact our team. How would you do that, using this application?

On a scale of 1 to 5 where one is very difficult and five is very easy, how easy or difficult was that?

Can you think of anything we can do to make this work better for you?

Poor question:

Fourth question – how long should we wait before you are automatically logged out?

Improved question:

Some people consider the data in this application to be sensitive and we want to respect the security and privacy of their data. What are some ways you’ve seen apps improve security for this kind of information?

Do any of the apps you use require you to re-login again after you’ve stopped using the application for a while?

How long of a time do you think is typical of apps like this to wait before making you log in again?

Have you used any apps that do a particularly good job that we should use for inspiration?

Have you used any apps that you think do a poor job that we should look at, so that we can avoid making the same mistakes?