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Node.js is turning web-development on it’s ear!

Web developers have been using Javascript for over 15 years, but only in the browser. Node.js let’s you develop entire websites using Javascript on the server!

Two events – attend one or both

Day 1 – Introductory Hands-on Lab Thursday January 15th 9:00am – 5:00pm

Learn the essentials of Node.js development. At the end of the day you’ll be able to:

  • Build a website using Node.js and Express
  • Store data in a database
  • Find pre-made modules to help speed up your development
  • Create your own modules
  • Publish your website to the web for free

Day 2 – Advanced Hands-on Lab Friday January 16yh 9:00 am – 4:30pm

Dive into more advanced material:

  • Creating modules
  • Introduction to test-driven development with Node.js
  • Structuring your web application to facilitate large projects
  • Exploring asynchronous methods
  • Deploying to your own server
  • Creating RESTful MVC web application using Sails.js

You can choose to attend both days or just one day.

About this course

This is more than a tutorial or a presentation – this is a hands-on lab where you’ll learn by doing. You’ll work through the course material with the instructor to build and deploy an actual working Node.js website.

Topics covered in this class:

  • Using and creating modules – helper functions that dramatically speed up your development
  • Web development using the Express.js library and MongoDB database
  • Asynchronous development on the server – a major paradigm shift in server-side development
  • You’ll actually deploy a working app


Day 1 only: $125

Day 2 only: $150

Both days: $245

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Requirements for this class:

  • Students should bring a computer running Windows, Mac OS or Linux (sorry, a tablet computer will not provide all the features needed for the hands-on lab)
  • Basic Javascript and HTML knowledge
  • Pre-install Node.js and MongoDB to your computer before the class – instructions will be provided by e-mail before the class begins
  • A willingness to learn and try something new

Students receive:

  • Informational handouts for later reference
  • Sample source-code to use and refer to when developing future projects.

Please arrive promptly so that we can maximize the learning time for everyone in the class.

Upcoming classes

Thursday and Friday, January 15-16th in Des Moines

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