The demand for Node.js experience in the web development world is exploding. This server-side tool uses JavaScript to create high-performance web applications. Join us for this two-day course and learn the tool that has enabled companies like Walmart and the BBC to manage their massive growth.


Attend one day or both!

Omaha Nebraska
June 29th-30th.

Day 1: Introducing Node.js

Day 1 offers just what you need to get started with Node.js. We’ll build a complete web application using some amazing tools to help us get productive quickly.

  • Learn how to start a new Node.js project from scratch
  • Use a combination of static resources, such as HTML, images, video and more, as well as dynamic content created on the server
  • Store and retrieve data from a MongoDB database, which is just one of the many database options available to Node.js developers
  • Easily create services useful to AngularJS and Ajax frameworks
  • Provide social log-in using Twitter, which is one of the many authentication methods available
  • Deploy your app to the cloud for free
  • Take advantage of a few of the many helpful modules that allow you to build apps quickly

After day one, you’ll have your computer configured and ready to do Node.js development and you’ll have worked through a complete example app that demonstrates the most common aspects of modern web apps.

Day 2: Advanced Node.js

If you’re a professional developer or some day hope to be, you’ll want to be sure to attend day 2, where we cover the techniques to help make you more productive as your apps grow larger and more complicated.

  • Learn the best ways to break your code out into modules so that you can more easily reuse them and separate various functions
  • Learn how to utilize test driven development (TDD) to automate your testing
  • Structure your applications to facilitate larger projects
  • Get a handle on asynchronous methods
  • Deploy Node.js apps to your own server – includes a coupon for 2 months free access to a virtual server
  • Get an overview of how to create RESTful web services with Sails.js

After completing day 2 you’ll have learned many of the hard-won lessons needed to create and manage large or critical web apps on Node.js. You’ll be ready to put this powerful tool to work for you.


In order to get the most from this seminar, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A computer running Windows, Mac OS or Linux – you will have to install software, so a Chromebook or tablet won’t work if you’d like to do the exercises
  • A basic understanding of Javascript and HTML – expertise is not needed, but you will be writing code during this class. Some less-used language features will be explained, but it is assumed that you can read and write the basics
  • A desire to learn and try something new!

The instructor will be present in the classroom 30 minutes before the class starts in order to help students prepare their computers in case they run into difficulties.

About the app you’ll create

In order to help you retain the knowledge you gain during the class, we’ll be building an app that utilizes some of the most common features your real-world apps will use.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.45.59 PM

The app is a link analyzer that will accept a URL for a website and show you statistics about the readability of the content and a preview of what it will look like when shared on social media websites.

After the class is done, you’ll be able to use it as a reference for your own apps to help you get going even faster.

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